London In 1927, Recreated Shot For Shot

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London In 1927, Recreated Shot For Shot

You might remember this remarkable short film by Claude Friese-Greene, showing the London of 1927 in colour. Well, someone only went and recreated it in 2013, shot for shot. Simon Smith followed in Friese-Greene's pioneering footsteps to craft the staggering comparison above.

The results are so fascinating, you'll want to view the film several times. In some places, the buildings are unchanged in 85 years. People still trudge across London Bridge each morning, and flock to Petticoat Lane market. Elsewhere, the city has moved on. The river is now bereft of cranes and cargo boats; policemen no longer control major junctions; and the City skyline is the latter film is dominated by peculiar-shaped skyscrapers rather than church spires.

This is a remarkable piece of film-making, and we herewith commend Simon Smith for the Freedom of the City of London.

Hat-tip to @Fredgarnett and @Colossal for the tip-off.

Last Updated 07 October 2016