Top London Dates: Roaring Fires, Frozen Rain And Pub Board Games

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Top London Dates: Roaring Fires, Frozen Rain And Pub Board Games

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It's true; wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas. This holiday season take a date to one of these locations and make that feeling last all year.

Sit down with a date at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

Warm Feelings By The Fireside

There's something about firelight that encourages soft murmurs and the sharing of intimate secrets. The flickering luminescence plays over the faces of you and your date as you discover common interests and hopes. And since these date venues are also pubs, you can grab some wine to really complete the scene (or to mask your disappointment when you realise the two of you have nothing in common beyond liking fire and wine).

A Date Among Rainbow Raindrops

Ever since Four Weddings it's been considered romantic to declare your love during a teeming rainstorm. You know what's not romantic? Pneumonia. Avoid the perils of a rainstorm while still getting all the benefits by taking your date along to Urs Fischer's free exhibition at Sadie Coles. Frozen, multicoloured raindrops hang from the ceiling, ensuring a surreal and extremely memorable experience.


'tis the season for board games! You don't truly know somebody until you've seen how they react to you landing on Park Lane when you have no cash handy: if they let you off payment you should probably marry them there and then. Take a date along to one of London On Board's many free events and discover how much of a match you really are.

Love, Actually

After the first, third and second dates with your partner (in that order), the proposal date is probably the most important. You want it to be memorable; why not take them to one of these fantastic proposal locations? Even if you're not planning to propose quite yet, it's probably best to do a trial run at one of them anyway. Just remember it's only a rehearsal or you might end up choosing a wedding venue earlier than you expected.

Mulled Wine at the Market

Is there anything more appealing than wandering around a festive Christmas market on a date, the first wafts of snow drifting lazily about the pair of you, cup of mulled wine in hand? Browse this list of Christmas markets, choose your preferred venue, then finally pluck up the courage to ask that special someone to go with you. DoingSomething can help you there!

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Last Updated 14 September 2016