Where To Propose In London

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Where To Propose In London
View from Vista.

If you’ve ever been on the London Eye, you’ll have probably spotted a proposal. Romantic? Yes. Lovely? Yes. But original? Not really. Personally, we think a ring in a chocolate cake sounds charming. For those whose partners don’t, however, here are 20 unusual places to propose. Not all are regularly open to the public, but if you're planning on asking that special question, doors can sometimes open.

Passion-filled Panoramas

Royal Suite, Grange St Paul’s
Possibly, just possibly, the best view in London. Your Facebook photos will look like they’ve been taken in front of a green screen.

The park benches on the Thames, Victoria Tower Gardens
A street level view, but still one of the most impressive. Among the most romantic spots in London.

The Balcony at the Cavendish Hotel
For something more private, the balcony of the Penthouse Suite at this St James's hotel has one of the best secluded views in London... if you can afford it.

Wangle your way into this famous rooftop bar before it opens for service and experience an entirely private view over Trafalgar Square, just you two, and the pigeons.

St Ethelburga's

Private Places

St Ethelburga's
One of London’s most peaceful oases, the City's St Ethelburga and its Bedouin tent is a city secret made for romantic gestures.

The LookOut, Hyde Park
This eco-friendly lodge in the urban oasis of Hyde Park is a beautiful spot to pop the question.

Up-top at The Monument
Not the tourist trap you would expect, and often overlooked, the Monument to the Great Fire still offers excellent views of London despite the recent rash of skyscrapers around it. If you like a touch of history and are able to climb 311 steps, this could be the one.

Kyoto Japanese Garden
This exquisite garden in Holland Park is a sanctuary of peace and calm, with a romantic waterfall adding to the oodles of romantic charm. The garden also made it onto our list of places to nurse a hangover, a testament to its serenity.

Love in London

Vault London bus.

The Deck at the National Theatre
Fell in love walking down the South Bank? Propose at its most secluded view point, before looking down at all those first daters starting their own loved-up journey.

Brockwell Park
For those who think Primrose Hill is too cliched. Avoid the crowds and have your picnic and ring-giving in this lovely south London park.

Greenwich Observatory
Know the precise time at which you promise to spend the rest of your life with your better half.

HMS President
Rivers and romance just go together, so proposing on one can’t be a bad shout. Despite being an old war ship (from 1918), HMS President is a Flower-Class vessel, adding to the romantic connotations in its modern setting as a floating bar.

Vault London Bus
Your partner thinks they’re on their mundane Monday morning commute, getting their mundane Monday morning bus, but wait you're the conductor and what’s that, a ring?!


Stage at the Hackney Empire
If you fancy bellowing out your love in theatrical style, this atmospheric Victorian-Edwardian theatre is for you.

Hackney Empire Auditorium Hire 3

The Globe
We all know that Romeo and J is the biggest and best love story, so proposing at the theatre most associated with Shakespeare seems only right.

Grocers’ Hall
If your partner is a Downton fan, get your period drama on with a planned proposal at one of the most stately spaces in London.

Wembley Stadium
If all of that just isn’t big enough, follow in the footsteps of Kanye West, hire a whole sports stadium, ask the big question using the big screen, light up the sky with thousands of pounds of fireworks and fill the air with the sound of a $50,000 orchestra. Yeah, maybe not…

Any other suggestions, or — even better — stories of success? Comment below.

By Reuben Sagar. Twitter. Google+. Photos from the venues used with permission.

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