The Ordinary Stories Of Polish Londoners

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The Ordinary Stories Of Polish Londoners

Film-maker Agnieszka Chmura has embarked on a project to collect everyday stories from Londoners of different ethnicities. Her debut pieces follow three Polish Londoners, discussing their lives in the capital and how our city contrasts with their home towns in Poland.

Here's one subject, Anna Rzepecka:

Agnieszka explains the background to the project:

I am Polish, which is why I started with my own community. But my goal is to make films about other ethnicities and nationalities too — I am just very curious about other cultures. I think we don't know each other in London and I would like to learn something about all these ordinary people who make London an extraordinary place. It's inspired by web series such as the David Lynch Interview Project — just loads of interviews people can watch and then create some sort of reflection, image, opinion on the subject in their own heads.

Agnieszka is now looking for Londoners from all over the world who might like to be filmed for the series. You can contact her through the project's Facebook page here. She also needs sponsors or funding, if you're in a position to help.

Last Updated 06 November 2013