Take Your Baby To The Theatre With Soho Screamers

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 125 months ago

Last Updated 01 November 2013

Take Your Baby To The Theatre With Soho Screamers

See Late Night Gimp Fight on 17 December.

Parent and baby cinema screenings have been a thing for a while now, and they make perfect sense. Get out of the house to somewhere that isn't the local cafe, park or NCT group, and if you're lucky your offspring will sleep through most of the latest movie (if we're not talking, you know, Thor 2 or anything). And if he or she doesn't, the room is full of people in the same boat who will understand when the crying/feeding/pooing/having to get up starts.

Live theatre is a different matter. It's not an impassive screen up there, it's a real person who can get distracted. On the other hand, it's a real person who can pause when the screaming starts, talk louder or quieter, and generally acknowledge the unusual audience. Soho Theatre has linked up with Mother's Play to give the idea a whirl and created Soho Screamers, special performances exclusively for parents and babies under one year old. The lights will stay on, there'll be a buggy park, bottle warming and extra nappy changing facilities and a meal deal in the bar afterwards.

The first four shows on offer are Bridget Christie's award winning A Bic For Her (20 November), a sweary The Night Before Christmas (11 December), Late Night Gimp Fight (pictured; 17 December) and Luisa Omielan asking What Would Beyonce Do? (8 January). All performances cost £12.50 and start at 11am.

Find the Soho Theatre at 21 Dean Street, W1. For more information and to book, see the theatre website.