Liam Williams: Like Watching An Old Friend

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Liam Williams: Like Watching An Old Friend


So Londonist went to see Liam Williams the other night, the man who told the eighth-best joke of the Edinburgh Fringe this year (according to a magazine we can't remember the name of right now), and it was funny, it was a good way to spend an hour, we can't really complain about much of this show. It was a good show. It's the sort of self-aware, tightly-constructed stand-up set that's in vogue right now, albeit one delivered in a laid-back Yorkshire baritone, laced with the kind of meta-comedic deconstruction that would usually make Londonist feel a bit sick but was actually weirdly relaxing. Watching Liam Williams at work is like watching your old friend tell his old stories over a couple of pints on a Thursday night; a little bit too familiar, perhaps, but nonetheless entertaining.

We can't complain about the show, but because we've been given this platform we can and will mention the accommodations at the Invisible Dot, which is a tiny former-welding-workshop-turned-venue just off Pentonville Road near King's Cross station and Jesus can you imagine the rental costs of even this place, which might explain why the people behind the Invisible Dot decided to cram as many people as possible onto chairs ripped out of a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with so little leg room you're practically acting as a chair yourself for the person in front of you, all the while hoping this person doesn't need to tilt their head back to drink their pint or otherwise lean backwards for any other reason because then you'd just be a bed for the person in front of you.

Still, they've got Camden Hells on tap, so overall the Invisible Dot gets a thumbs-up.

Liam Williams is on at the Invisible Dot (King's Cross) every night this week and possibly longer. Tickets are available on the Invisible Dot website for a tenner. We've been to Invisible Dot before. You wouldn't believe its bathroom equipment. But we do like them.

Last Updated 04 November 2013