Fourth London Cycling Death In Eight Days

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Fourth London Cycling Death In Eight Days

cyclingThe fourth cyclist in eight days has died after a collision with a lorry at Bow Roundabout this morning, while two others were seriously injured in separate incidents at Millbank and Vauxhall Bridge.

The Bow Roundabout collision happened at 8.45am and the cyclist, a woman in her 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. The Millbank accident occurred shortly afterwards at 9am, with the male cyclist being taken to hospital by London's Air Ambulance. The female Vauxhall Bridge cyclist was also taken to hospital with leg injuries.

Last week, a man in his 40s was struck by a bus in Croydon, Francis Golding died after a collision with a coach at Southampton Row and Brian Holt died in a collision with a lorry on the CS2 on Mile End Road. Meanwhile, another cyclist was injured in a crash with a bus in Kennington while Claire Pepper narrowly avoided serious injury after being trapped under a car at Spitalfields.

The tragic spate of fatalities and serious injuries on the roads have led to some improvements being announced, but cycling groups say it just doesn't go far enough.The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) wrote to TfL Head of Surface Transport Leon Daniels back in September to warn of the risk to cyclists from turning vehicles at Bow, despite the installation of the 'early start' facility. Green Party AM Darren Johnson said:

"The Mayor’s failure to make roads safer for cycling in the last six years is the reason we are having so many tragedies now. The Mayor has been in complete denial about the scale of the problem and his personal responsibility for dealing with it. His repeated talk of our roads getting safer does not match the reality, especially when there is no obvious plan or timetable for action."

A question from Johnson to London mayor Boris Johnson back in July on how this year's cycling budget is being spent has yet to receive a reply.

The LCC and the Green Party's Jenny Jones are calling for a protest tonight at 6.30pm at Bow Roundabout while Labour AM John Biggs is urging Mayor of London Boris Johnson to sign up to the London Cycling Campaign’s Space for Cycling campaign. Watchers of last night's BBC London News will have noted that no City Hall or TfL representative was available to comment on the cycling incidents.

In October, Coroner Mary Hassell published her report following the inquest into the deaths of Brian Dorling and Philippine De Gerin-Ricard, calling on the mayor to take action to prevent further fatalities.

TfL recently released figures which showed a decline in the deaths of cyclists on the capital's roads from 2012. We anticipate some further tough questioning for the mayor in the next Mayor's Question Time on 20 November.

Photo by Jon Smalldon in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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Last week there was another serious accident at Holborn.


Cyclists themselves need to be more responsible. Overtaking vehicles at speed and dodging in and out of queuing traffic is not safe Cycling. Cycle safer, be safer. Don't just blame the cars.


the design and layout of most cycle lanes invites the kind of situation where cycling up the inside happens. most advance cycling boxes have lanes leading up the inside of traffic to get to them.
I'm not entirely sure william's comments have much relevance in this particular incident though. maybe in a wider context, but this isnt dodging in and out of lanes. also a little bit insensitive.


This is a tragic accident, Jamie, the circumstances of which we would ill-judged to comment on. However, focusing on the wider picture can help stop these all too frequent accidents from reoccurring. My point was that BOTH the cyclist as well as the motorist should take more care in their actions.


BUild more Bicycle lanes!!! Taxis, buses and lorries are the main death reasons for bikers! Thats because they believe they "own" the streets .This has to stop!! Build more bicycle lanes, further educate bus drivers, limit taxis inside the city and ban lorry drivers from entering the city or might as well execute them!


Cyclists without driving licences, should definitely be taking a test prior to using the roads. This of course doesn't mean that by having a driving licence you can drive, I see incompetence by motorists on a daily basis...But We all know who comes of worse every time in a collision. That's why it's paramount to at least educate Cyclist on the perils of using the roads.

I'm not sure having the odd cycle lane here and there is a good idea, they in my opinion could be adverse to safety. Offering a sense of security for a short period of riding. which could then be followed by a hazardous stretch of road. Where concentration might not be what is should.

I refuse to ride on the road. Too many useless drivers on them. I rode a motorbike for 5 years. Had four non fault accidents. Idiots pulling out of junctions, cutting up, etc.

In defense of the motorist. Sitting in traffic all day not getting anywhere, causes frustration and stress, which causes loss of concentration.

The bottom line is. The infrastructure of our roads and the whole infrastructure of London cannot cope with the volume of people in it.

This is totally contrary to what Politicians Smoke screen us with.

Fact: The quality of life in London is heading down the drain. (can't speak for the rest of the country).

Fact: Multiculturalism at the rate in which it has been inflicted on us doesn't work. It allows Communities to form which stops integration from occurring. Which has overpopulated our once lovely City.

But to be honest I don't think intergration could ever have Occurred....Due to the FACT that 90 percent of the Migration is from Third World needy Countries.

Different Religions Hell bent on changing things to their Way rather than Just appreciating How lucky they are.

Makes me wonder......Was Integration or segregation The Key motive behind Multicultural UK .

mmmmm What's that got to do with road safety You might ask. Well I'll leave it to you imagination....

kevin coaster

if these were industrial accidents, happening so frequently, h and s would ban 'unprotected' people (i.e. cyclists) from interacting with dangerous machinery (i.e. lorries, buses, cars etc.).
in a perfect world, cyclists and the general engine driven traffic should be separated, as much as possible, so that any error by a driver, or by a cyclist, would not end in such tragic circumstances.
London, currently, does not have enough space to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and the general road traffic, without negative consequences to the vulnerable.
cyclists would advocate a curb on cars etc. and the engine driven would advocate a curb on the cyclists.
our leaders are desperate to recommend cycling, even in unsafe environments, to show off their ' green' credentials and let the devil take the hindmost.
but without larger vehicles such as coaches, busses and lorries, how would we be able to ferry large amounts of people/ goods around to sustain the 'economy'?
could it all be done by pedal power?
maybe in an ideal world.


"The woman who died earlier is the third cyclist killed at Bow Roundabout in two years." that doesn't sound like a 'super' cycle route to me - is there space for a segregated cycle lane over the roundabout via the flyover?!


you really need to ask questions before jumping to conclusions.
.....just read one of your comments.....
You need to understand how much the motorist contributes to this sinking economy.
Where do you think the money is coming from for your cycle lanes?? and how would you feel about cyclists paying for them, by means of a cycle/road tax


I went to the protest cycle last night at Bow. The second i've been to. It was an incredibly moving occasion. I don't want to get into some of the comments left below. A young girl has lost her life in the most horrific way imaginable, and everyone must do their best to stop it from happening again.


Some accidents are a result of streets layout or of judgement error but many of them are doubtless caused by careless or even murderous driving by motor vehicles drivers.

On the 11th November 2013 I was nearly hit by a lorry driver who sped up to overtake me when I was cycling passing a parked car near a T-junction. As he was speeding on the wrong lane very near the junction he overtook me and just pulled to the left very close to the car parked so that I got trapped in a 30 degrees angle, between the lorry and the car. It was raining heavily and if my brakes had failed I would have been crushed against the parked car. I had my back lights on. The guy was really a criminal, no excuses for what he did.

I wonder, on how many of these left turn accidents the driver has been really contemptuous towards the cyclist or even worse, really aggressive. From the comments here, we see that some people are really unsympathetic towards cyclists.

Well, I've learnt my lesson for junctions: when getting to a junction to keep plenty of space from any parked car.

Bill Gee

There is talk of banning HGVs in the rush hour on our London streets due to the increase of cyclist deaths!! but it needs to be considered everything goes by road these days including milk,food and hospital deliveries. Don't you think that motorist and cyclist should take more care and think about their own safety!!!