CryptoFestival: Solve Your Internet Paranoias

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CryptoFestival: Solve Your Internet Paranoias

An upcoming event at Goldsmith's College looks at the various challenges to our security and privacy on the Internet, and offers some timely advice on staying secure.

The ideal of the open and free Internet is rapidly eroding. Revelations about government spying have been in the news all year. Our infatuation with telling Facebook and Twitter everything about ourselves shows no sign of slowing. And new technologies like Google Glass have the potential to fill the streets with a million roving  CCTV cameras, filming and storing (on a big company's servers) every public moment of everyone's days, whether they've opted into the technology or not. Or are we being paranoid?

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Goldsmith's College has put together CryptoFestival, a day that brings together leading security engineers, computer scientists, civil rights groups, hackers, activists, artists and anyone else interested in online privacy to look at the current situation and discuss ways forward. As well as discussing the politics and problems, the day will also present user-friendly tools to help you encrypt email and make your data secure. In the organiser's words:

CryptoParties have taught thousands of people the basic ways of protecting themselves and their data from intrusive surveillance. London CryptoFestival will have skill-sharing sessions on how to have private conversations over instant messaging, how to encrypt emails, how to browse anonymously and how to reliably encrypt your hard disk amongst other things. It's peer-against-fear; the self-organised activity of people teaching each other essential privacy skills.

CryptoFest runs 30 November, 11am onwards at Goldsmith's College, New Cross. Book your free place here. Then go on Facebook and tell everyone that you're going, when you'll be out of the house, and the amount of money you're carrying in your wallet. #weaksatire

Last Updated 12 November 2013