Richard Herring Laughs In The Face Of Death

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 65 months ago
Richard Herring Laughs In The Face Of Death


There are two things, so the saying goes, certain in life: death and taxes. Some multinational corporations seem to have found a way around the latter, so we're left with death. We're all going to die. Right now, we are all hurtling closer to the ultimate moment when our existence is snuffed out and the universe carries on without us, our momentary tenure on this earth just a memory to a few and ever dwindling number of people.

Still, never mind eh? If you can't beat it you might as well laugh at it, which is the path Richard Herring has chosen. Here's a 90 minute (plus interval) musing on the nature of death – and life – that ranges from the highbrow (a dialogue with Hamlet deconstructing the To Be or Not To Be speech) to the lowbrow (wanking gags. A tidal wave of wanking gags, floating in on the sea of comedy jism).

It's not particularly taboo-busting, though certain bits had never occured to us before (why is it supposed to be a comfort if someone who died young didn't have kids? Are we all meant to be watching Downton thinking 'damn! If only Matthew hadn't spawned little George'). In fact, if you lean towards the scientific, logically minded, you might even find the show quite comforting.

And pay attention to the music as you walk in. Very nicely themed.

Richard Herring: We'er All Going To Die is on at the Leicester Square Theatre until Sunday 13 October. Tickets £15. Londonist saw this show on a complimentary press ticket.

Last Updated 09 October 2013