Every Tube Station Song

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Last Updated 01 October 2013

Every Tube Station Song

Singer, songwriter, comedian and transport geek Jay Foreman has put together this catchy little number that (almost) breathlessly lists out every single tube station. Excellent material, as ever, from the man who brought us short videos on Unfinished London. Filming and graphics are by Geoff Marshall, who recently scooped the Guinness World Record for visiting every station in one day.

Oddly, Jay's not the first to pen an ode to every stop. A collective called Tunnel Sounds recently put together this more laid-back and alphabetical guide to the network. By coincidence (or perhaps not) their bass player Adham Fisher is another Tube Challenger, who's attempted the record in both London and New York.

And for those who like their Underground songs to burrow a little deeper, The Royal Vincident are crafting a whole album dedicated to the Victoria Line (just Stockwell and Brixton to go). We commend it to you on Soundcloud.