The London Thames: A Great Poster Of A Great River

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The London Thames: A Great Poster Of A Great River


This new poster of the Thames charts the river's course from Battersea to Tower, taking in the 16 bridges, numerous landmarks and a fair old chunk of trivia. It was created by David Fathers, whose forthcoming book will explore this stretch of river in more detail.

But there's plenty of detail on the poster, too. Do you know which bridge was engineered by Joseph Bazalgette, the man more famous for building London's sewers? Do you know where, along the Thames, a claimant for the first international football match took place? And is that a pig, flying subtly over Battersea?

David has excellent form; last year he brought out an enchanting book about the Regent's Canal, revealing the hidden histories with excellent illustrations. His new book will do the same for the central section of the Thames.

The poster is available now (70cm x 46 cm) from David's website, for just £20 (including P&P), or signed for a bit extra.

Last Updated 10 September 2013