Gin Journeys With Shake Rattle And Stir

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Gin Journeys With Shake Rattle And Stir


Ever wanted to know what makes a gin a 'London dry'? Or how 'navy strength' came about? Did you know you the 'Dutch Courage' is actually a type of gin?

For the discerning drinks enthusiast or casual sipper who loves to learn and discover new venues, the Gin Journey with Shake Rattle and Stir, a tour that hits up five of London’s best bars for cocktails and gin tasting (with a swish mini-bus to chauffeur you around) is the perfect way to spend an evening. The event is the brainchild of Leon Dalloway – a passionate, knowledgeable and dynamic Bartender who has won awards for his work barside, who will guide you through the world of mother’s ruin with insight and humour.

I don't like gin – it makes me hate the world and everything in it

This boozethirsty Londonista was pleasantly surprised by the total absence of a foggy head and existential despair the following day, which is ideal for an outing that takes place on a school night. The secret is in the sauce – all top-quality gin that has been handpicked by Leon from brands he has worked closely with during his 10 years in the industry. From Hayman’s plummy sloe gin to Martin Miller, softened with Icelandic water – the purest you can get on the planet – after imbibing such well-crafted products, we can pretty much guarantee* you a hangover free morning.

No, I really don't like it. I get through a whole tub of ice cream after sobbing uncontrollably

Gin is just the first of the Drinking Journeys series, as the roving programme sees Rum Ramble (starting 15 October) and Whisk(e)y Wander (from 5 November) follow the exact same format, but with different hangouts, before getting back on the gin around the New Year.

OK, I'm in – how much will it set me back

The entire tour is a bargainous £50 per person. Consider this – at least one drink in one of these bars would set you back a tenner before you've even factored in service charge, and recreating the experience yourself would rack up a fortune in taxi fares. So for the cost of five cocktails, you additionally get gin samples, a place reserved at each bar, comfy transport (so don't be afraid to don your heels, ladies) and you even learn a thing or two. Oh and whether you go alone, in a group or as a couple – it’s brilliant fun.

The Gin Journey with Shake Rattle and Stir costs £50. Please note all Gin Journeys are sold out except the 8 October, with more dates to be announced soon. Tickets for Rum Ramble and Whisk(e)y Wander are also available and can be booked online.

* yeah, we can't actually guarantee that - can you imagine?!

Last Updated 26 September 2013