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Extra, Extra

The Romans: they built London's roads, and they can close them.

- An average 4.1% rise in train fares to look forward to.
- But not as much as the rise in London house prices.
- 16-year-old stabbed to death in Poplar.
- London theatre to stage play against Russia's anti-gay legislation.
- Government backs down on 'go home' vans.
- Elevator pitches for 11 of the options for airport expansion.
- Gilligan: cycle hire is perhaps "the most over-scrutinised transport initiative in history".
- Pianist captures the sound of London.

Image by Jon Spence in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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It was the Romans who invented in their own matchless way the geography of Britain beginning with the Celtic identity as the land of the painted people (blue always the favorite hue) as Britannia a point elaborated upon by historian/poet Robert Graves. Ireland they called Hibernia a word approximating land of winter and Scotland Caledonia a name referring to the Picts or a local tribe. These people when the Romans made their appearance with Juliius Caesar and then more permanently with emperor Claudius were by all estimates at the same cultural level as the inhabitants of North America when Europeans began making inroads leading to colonization first with the Spaniards and then Englishmen. And as historian Trevelyan has pointed out there is a strong disparity between being British on the one hand and Anglo-Saxon on the other. The Celtic element is the true Briton, Anglo-Saxons were Germanic invaders who entered Britain as the Romans pulled out circa 415 A.D.