Lost Lectures: More Curious Talks In A Mystery Location

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Lost Lectures: More Curious Talks In A Mystery Location

A previous Lost Lectures, in an abandoned German swimming pool.

The latest set of Lost Lectures has once again encroached upon our unweary psyches. Should you be unfamiliar with the format, a Lost Lecture evening is a chance for a half-dozen or so interesting people to regale the audience (that's you) with their improbable or impressive achievements...all served up in an unusual location that's only revealed after you've booked. (Don't worry, we've got a mole on the inside, and we can reassure you that it's nice and central.)

It's no hyperbole to say that this month's lineup is the best yet:

Friday 19 July

  • Prof. Stephen Emmott: Head of Computational Science at Microsoft, who grapples with such weighty issues as climate change, managing pandemics and coping with a future 10 billion population.
  • Sir John Hegarty: Advertising guru, responsible for the phrases ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ and ‘The Lynx Effect’, and the introduction of a puppet called ‘Flat Eric’.
  • Spartacus Chetwynd: Turner-Prize nominated artist.
  • Jasper Gibson: Founder of The Poke.
  • Black Cab Sessions: Musicians who gig in the back of a cab. A live performance is promised.

Saturday 20 July

  • Dr Louisa Preston: Astrobiologist from the Open University, and an expert on Mars.
  • Ben Reade: Head of Culinary Research and Development at the Nordic Food Lab, and food innovator.
  • Shed Simove: Author, entrepreneur and enactor of outrageous publicity stunts.
  • Daisy Ginsberg: Award-winning designer whose projects include 'buildings that repair themselves, and engineered organisms that clean up toxic pollutants'.
  • Gabby Young & Other Animals: 'Eclectic eight-piece British Pop Band and the world’s finest purveyors of Circus Swing'.

Food, booze and 'interactive elements', such as a pedal-powered cinema, complete the picture, with the bar staying open late.

Only a few tickets remain, at £35 per head. Events run 7pm-midnight.

Last Updated 16 July 2013