Take A Medical Journey Through Life At The Science Museum

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Last Updated 12 June 2013

Take A Medical Journey Through Life At The Science Museum

Imagine combining The Sims with Operation and you might get something like The Life Game, a free two-day event at the Science Museum this weekend.

First and foremost, it's a chance to chat to scientists from different bits of the Medical Research Council, to learn about recent advancements in medicine and health care. Treat it as an opportunity to ask super-qualified experts everything you ever wanted to know about health and medicine. You should also wish them happy birthday, as the MRC celebrates its centenary this year.

But there's also a gaming element, particularly geared up for families. Visitors will be given a 'Pal', a paper character to carry around. As you progress through Life Game, the Pal will gain adornments depending on which characters and scientists you speak to, and what you learn. Take chances and make choices to fill your Pal’s life story with colourful experiences. Chat to the allergy guys and perhaps your Pal will develop a rash; the transplant scientists might give it a new heart, and so on.

If interactivity was never your strong point, a series of talks will also take place in the museum's theatre. Highlights include: the ongoing threat of viruses; 3-D projections of the human brain; and why do many teenagers get so moody?

The free festival takes place on the first floor on Saturday 15 June and Sunday 16 June, and is open from 10am until 4.45pm. The festival is suitable for families with children aged 8+.