London Unfolded And Dissected By CurioCity

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London Unfolded And Dissected By CurioCity


The grinning man splays his ribcage. A fantastic anatomy is revealed; a hotch-Bosch mix of organs, arteries, pigeons, landmarks, connective tissue, and writhing human forms. An oesophageal river flows toward a Thames Barrier sphincter, awaiting dispatch through the anus of Crossness. Welcome to London Dissected, the grotesque poster boy at the centrepiece of this month's CurioCity.


CurioCity, in case you've yet to have the pleasure, is the gold standard of intelligent London trivia, and a masterclass in creative design. It contains the secrets of the city, yet folds to an oblong the size of a doorbell.

curiocityThe latest issue, part D for dissection, takes an incisive look at the capital's anatomy. One side is coated with a high-fact spread of London info-butter, the other offers that wonderful anatomical map of the city. Both moieties stitch together into a Frankenfoldout of joy.

Issue D can be yours for just £3.50 via online order (includes postage), or from stockists such as Stanfords, Foyles, ICA and Wellcome Collection.

Last Updated 27 June 2013