Should A Statue Of Margaret Thatcher Be Placed On The Fourth Plinth?

Dean Nicholas
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Should A Statue Of Margaret Thatcher Be Placed On The Fourth Plinth?

Boris Johnson has joined Falklands vet Commander John Muxworthy in calling for a permanent statue of Margaret Thatcher to be placed somewhere in London, with the mayor refusing to rule out the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square as a location, reports the Telegraph.

Acknowledging that the square's other inhabitants are all great military figures, Muxworthy argues that the late Prime Minister should be placed among them, as she "had the best interests of the nation in her heart till the end". His suggestion has been endorsed by Sir Norman Tebbit, while Ukip's Nigel Farage wants a statue elsewhere in Westminster.

To put it mildly, a statue of Thatcher in Trafalgar Square — the site of anti-poll tax riots in 1990, which contributed to the PM's defenestration later that year — would be a provocative statement. Previous depictions of the Iron Lady have met untimely ends: in 2002 a marble statue on display in Guildhall was decapitated by a man wielding a cricket bat. Any similar monument in Trafalgar Square would probably face a similarly undignified demise.

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Rachel Holdsworth

David Mellor was on the Today programme this morning, talking about the FA's decision not to hold a minute's silence at football grounds. He thinks it's a good decision because we all know it won't be fully observed, and that will just upset the people who want her remembered, so why invite it? I think a similar argument can be made here. A statue in Trafalgar Square will be an immediate and constant target for vandalism, which will just upset the people who wanted it and be permanent Daily Mail fodder. Why invite it? If Boris Johnson is backing this plan he really doesn't have a very good understanding of the city.


If they did surely it would be a daily incitement to riot? We only need to look at how divided the country is currently. Is that really what London or the UK needs. Is that the way to boost tourism and international students in particular or the economy in general?

Dave H

If there had to be a commemorative statue for Thatcher in London, I can't help feeling that it would make more sense to locate it in one of the financial centres (the City or Canary Wharf). Ideally behind closed doors.

Putting it in Trafalgar Square, the main site of the riots, and a place frequented by tourists and (relatively) 'normal' people, would seem absurd.


I would have said it might be 'safer' to raise a statue in her home town of Grantham, or maybe inside the Palace of Westminster rather than outdoor central London where the pigeons and the protesters would be constant problems. I wish instead of a pantomime funeral they'd done a private one but buried her ashes behind a plaque in Westminster Abbey, which her achievements in ending the Cold War and facing down the IRA probably deserve. That way it could be a tourist attraction but not an incitement to riot.


I thought it was a fairly open secret that the fourth plinth was being reserved for the Queen? Or is that just an urban myth?

I think if we're having one it should be in Parliament Square. Eventually we're going to have to think about moving some of the older statues out of there, so why sub her in for George Canning or something, and then designate a square somewhere where veterans of Parliament Square are retired to?


Might as well create the statue with the mohawk already in place - it'll save the protesters the bother

Jonn Elledge

I can't wait for the debate about where we can put that statue of Tony Blair he's clearly having made already.

James Guppy

Is this the one that nobody in Grantham wants? Put it will be cannon fodder for the poor suckers paying £8M for her funeral.

Sinister Dexter

What about situating it in a toilet so everyone can use it?

Terry Cee

If there must be another statue then it cannot be Traflager Square for all the sensible reason given by previous contributors. How about Downing Street?


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