Name That Tube: 1970s Photos Of London Underground

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Name That Tube: 1970s Photos Of London Underground

In 1977, Jane Magarigal took a series of photographs of Tube platforms, corridors and ticket halls. Her images illustrate David Long's book London Underground: Architecture, Design & History. How many stations can you identify from the photos? (Some are easy, others will take a very special kind of Tube nerd.)

More of Jane's work can be found on her website, including around 90 further images of the tube from the 1970s. All images are used with permission.

Last Updated 11 October 2017

Nicolas Chinardet

The floor (and shadows on it) looks fake on the second pic... is it some montage?

London Street Games

The last one is Wapping - which you can see from the sign, but in any case the narrow platforms are a big clue. Some of the others I would guess at:Waterloo (1,5)?, Gloucester Road or South Ken (2)?, all very evocative of my childhood and the big adventure of the twisty-turny foot tunnels in the Underground.

Corporate Photographer

It all looks so clean- I remember visiting London in the late 70s and the tube was rather grim


This seems majestic compared to the New York City tubes during the same period of time, the 1970's. What happened to this system of transportation was utter and complete destruction with graffiti paint creating a psychedelic illusion of hell on wheels. The Gothamist, New York's equivalent of the Londonist, recently had an article about the destructive effects this had at on Times Square the heart of the city's cultural and theatrical center and flagship headquarters of the famous New York Times. Looking at the video presentation makes one wonder how a city could reach such depths of despair and utter destruction while letting it burn like Rome under Nero.