Club Watch: Ben Klock, Blawan, DVS1 @ Cable

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Club Watch: Ben Klock, Blawan, DVS1 @ Cable

Techno can be a bit of a workout at the best of times, but We Fear Silence's party promises to push things to the limit. An 11pm to 11am jaunt with three of the world's biggest techno tough guys, anyone still on their feet come closing deserves an OBE.

It's hard to think of a bigger techno star than Ben Klock right now. The guy paces the globe at a pace of knots, flitting between his residency at Berlin's Berghain, occasional slots at Fabric and everywhere in between. Both a DJ and producer his sound is defined by its power, one of bruising efficiency with minimal fuss. Though he peppers his set with occasional forays into house and dubstep this is warehouse techno at its most undeniable. Ben's recent fabric mix further reaffirmed his position as one of the best in the game.

Blawan's come a long way since "Bringing me Down". While that percussive garage wrecker made his name, his love-professed soft spot for techno has descended into a very public make-out session. His new productions, either solo or alongside Pariah (as Karenn) and UK techno-god Surgeon (as Trade), have stripped away the bass-music pointers to a particularly brutal form of metal machine music. While Klock's sound is powerful but intrinsically free of emotion,  Blawan plays on techno's inherent evilness. "Why they hide the bodies under the garage" is like an end-of-pier ghost-train in techno form, as slasher film screams flit between a growling, tumbling bass melody and a relentlessly jacking beat.

We top things off with DVS1 - the brightest techno star in the whole Midwest. The "Devious one" owes a lot to tonight's headliner - he made his name with his debut release on Ben's Klockworks label, and made multiple appearances on his mentor's Berghain mix. The pair are almost kindred spirits, joined by their ability to make epics out of the tiniest of elements - mountains out of molehills. Expect him to repay the boss' favour with a set of hard-edged sounds tonight.

We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records with Ben Klock, Blawan & DVS1 at Cable London, SE1 2EG. Friday, 5th April. Tickets and info here.

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