Shoes In A Tree Opposite MI6. Why?

By Lindsey Last edited 70 months ago
Shoes In A Tree Opposite MI6. Why?

That's what we asked you on Facebook. We've all heard the ones about drugs and gangs - although "shoefiti" was a new one for us — but your other suggestions amused us so much we're sharing them here:

Myles Roberts: When you start a job at the security services you throw your old shoes up in the tree

Lynne Jeavons-Fellows: It is a blossoming shoe tree silly, fully ripe they are just gorgeous

Tim Layton: Due to the euphemism of someone being 'light on their feet' to mean that someone is gay, if someone wishes to impersonate a homosexual they fill their shoes with helium. Occasionally they forget this when they take their shoes off to air their feet while having a nice cup of tea on a park bench. The shoes then rise into the air and become trapped in the tree. This practice is RIFE in that area.

James Guppy: The long running gang feud between mi6 and Scotland yard - all started over a bakewell slice apparently.

Justin Gosling: I suspect it has something to do with a Quantum of Sole Lace.

Viola Górczyńska: They're testing teleportation but shush.. it's a top secret

Terry Callaghan: It's a statement. They have sole and can do a good impression of a heel if needs be.

Valerie Brook: Bird houses for the London sparrows.

Terry Callaghan: Isn't that an ice-skate at the top? And anyway its opposite Hampton House and right outside the media centre at Millbank, so maybe its journos ... one of who has been skating on thin ice, again.

Last Updated 20 March 2013