A Chocolatier's Interpretation Of London

By Janan Jay Last edited 133 months ago
A Chocolatier's Interpretation Of London

After stuffing ourselves silly like hyperactive five-year-old children at the Southbank Chocolate festival, we discovered a unique and delightful guide to London. Through chocolate.

Artisan chocolatier and experienced Michelin starred restaurant pastry chef, Damian Allsop, celebrates the diverse culinary subculture of our great city through an expertly made multi-dimensional collection called Eat London.

However, it’s not just a matter of whacking in exotic and compatible ingredients. In a cheeky twist, he conveys the sense of a merry jaunt around London, as each bar is a carefully crafted journey in itself, purposely created to change taste as you chomp your way down the river. We also noted they’re cleverly sealed as to make sure you start eating at the right end.

Your tastebuds will thank you for taking them out to the following areas:

  • Brick Lane (Bengali): 40% milk chocolate, Mango and handmade Basmati crisps, with the rice becoming stronger closer towards the end of your gleeful mastication.
  • Brixton Hill (Afro-Caribbean): A winning combination of freeze-dried banana chips and freeze-dried coffee in 50% milk chocolate. One to perk you up.
  • China Town (Chinese) : 45% milk with caramelised peanuts, soy sauce and ginger crisp. Salty, sweet and tangy.
  • Edgware Road (Arabic): A blend of Ras al hanout spices up this 64% dark chocolate with honeycomb pieces.
  • Soho Square (Italian): No, nothing remotely resembling a pizza (you crazy kids!), just 64% swarthy dark with homemade raspberry and basil crisps. Sharp.
  • Grosvenor Square (Home of the American Embassy): Coca Cola provides inspiration in both taste and texture, popping candy, hints of cinnamon and a lemon zing in white chocolate.

We at Londonist towers couldn’t resist a sample, and went straight for the two award winning concoctions in the collection (Soho and Chinatown) and they are definitely not to be scoffed down (or at). We recommend taking a quiet moment to yourself to soak in and fully enjoy the flavours at a leisurely pace.

It’s a genius, tangible and tasty representation of life in London – its vibrant multiculturalism and the world of flavours we are fortunate enough to have right on our doorstep. And we let you know just in time for Easter too. No need to thank us, citizen. It’s what we do.

Bars retail for £2 each, or a whole yummy set for £10. Currently available online, and at Bond Street behemoth Selfridges soon, so we hear.

Last Updated 28 March 2013