Medicinal Marshmallows From The Marshmallow Apothecary

By Lindsey Last edited 69 months ago
Medicinal Marshmallows From The Marshmallow Apothecary

Walking through Kingly Court yesterday, we couldn't help stopping and staring at a curious pink pop-up. The Marshmallow Apothecary promises medicinal marshallows, cocktails and hot drinks, with one side of the shop set up like a chemist's counter, the other all marshmallow-style bean bags, bathed in pastel lights — decidedly womb and zen like.

The Robin Collective handmake the marshmallows in all sorts of unexpected flavours purporting to heal what ails you. Installed in time for Valentine's day, the current menu includes a remedy for a broken heart (red wine and cracked black pepper) and an aphrodisiac (rose, ginger and chilli). Forget the flump-like pink and white gum addled sweetness you might associate with mass produced marshmallow — how about a chocolate-coffee Pick Me Up, a Cockney Quick Fix of bourbon and black treacle or an Anti-Malarial gin and tonic?

These are lighter than air, melt in the mouth treats that may well have a restorative effect in these winter days. And if you want them as a gift, the kindly apothecaries will prescribe the recipient a medicinal mix of marshmallows, based on your advice.

The Marshmallow Apothecary is in Kingly Court until 23 February.

Last Updated 17 February 2013