Street Art Strikes Back Over Removal Of "Slave Labour" Banksy

By Lindsey Last edited 90 months ago
Street Art Strikes Back Over Removal Of "Slave Labour" Banksy

Earlier in the week we reported on the Banksy that had been removed from the wall on Whymark Avenue, N22 and found itself up for auction in Miami. We mused on whether other pieces of street art would appear in its place and lo, it has come to pass.

First up was a tiny pink dinosaur, swiftly followed by an excellent bit of satirical stencilling.

Intriguingly, last night, another stencil appeared on the same wall and it looks very much like a Banksy rat. If it is the real thing, it surely can't last long. However, the property owner should be wary and remember the fake Banksy rat pandemic of 2009.

On a related note, we'd like to thank our Facebook friend, Giacomo for pointing out the irony in the choice of Whymark Avenue for street art. Especially now the original piece has been removed.

UPDATE: The rat is being perspexed already. Londonist Flickrpool contributor Peep O'Daze took this about 3.15pm.

Many thanks to Antonia Kanczula, Richard McKeever and Peep O'Daze (via Flickr) for the photos.

Last Updated 22 February 2013