Ticket Alert: Dine Mile High

By Janan Jay Last edited 107 months ago
Ticket Alert: Dine Mile High

Mile High gives Londoners all the trappings of an international culinary jaunt without having to negotiate the suits at City Airport, and provides the opportunity to experience the glamour and sophistication of 1950s air travel, without a time machine.

Covering four fabulous destinations over the next twelve months, the immersive pop-up will be sporadically, but firmly placed on the ground somewhere in West London in a secret location (and not even we know where it is) which promises to be a dizzying high of music, food from talented young chefs, cocktails (but of course) and ‘a little creative interaction’.

It all takes off with a flight to Destination: Gothenburg, Sweden (13-16 March and 20-23 March) with ex-Moro chef Oliver Templeton at the helm serving up a colourful collection of Scandinavian nibbles. After the ‘flight’, pax* are then escorted into an intimate setting, decked out as if to be Sweden itself, where there’ll be food aplenty, including Chargrilled Elk with Golden Beetroot and Licorice Meringue.

A fear of (fantasy) flying needn’t hold you back either; non-dining tickets are available for the departure lounge from 9pm, where you can prop up the bar and leisurely sip away at some signature drinks, knowing you don’t have to rush off anywhere. Although you might want to keep checking your watch, for added realism.

If that's inspired you to go on for real, make sure your passports are valid as the team behind Mile High have even gone the extra mile (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) and teamed up with the West Sweden Tourist Board to offer one lucky table a real-life bespoke foodie trip to Gothenburg.

Other destinations on the map are Beirut (May), Sicily (June) and Mozambique (September) – a whole host of cities and the only thing to pack is your handbag. Or pockets.

*Pax – passengers. The airline lingo dies hard with this ex-hostie Londonista

Mile High will take place in a secret West London Location. Return tickets cost £65 and includes 2 cocktails, a four-course meal, and access to the departure lounge and in flight entertainment. Departure lounge tickets cost £15 and includes a unique Mile High cocktail and entry to the exclusive Mile High departure lounge.

Last Updated 08 February 2013