Londonist Alphabet Game: Stupid Things To Do On The Cable Car

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Londonist Alphabet Game: Stupid Things To Do On The Cable Car

We asked our Facebook friends to suggest really stupid things to do on the cable car, in the hope of getting at least one suggestion for each letter of the alphabet. Here are our 26 favourite suggestions. Check out the Facebook page for further nonsense.

A = Arrive three hours before it opens, to be sure of getting a place. (Londonist)

B = Buy a flat near it based on the quality of its transport links (John Bryden)

C = Cut the cable (Tyler Tebbs)

D = Dangle Boris from the side until he stops commissioning destined-to-fail PPP transport follies. Actually, that's not very stupid (Alex Hibbitt)

E = Ejaculate on a fellow passenger. (Νικολό Καρτέρι)

F = Fish (Londonist)

G = Grate Parmesan cheese all over the seats and proceed to eat them (Londonist)

H = Hire some skis so you can pretend you're in a ski lift! (Caz Rudd)

I = Initiate a rave party in one of the carriages (Νικολό Καρτέρι)

J =  Jump up and down to go higher (Sam Hart)

K = Kung fu (Richard Underwood)

L = Leave halfway through...

M = Murder the only other passenger in your carriage, then claim you didn't do it (Londonist)

N = Naturism (Jackie White)

O = "Other passenger" ...pretend there is one (John Hodson)

P = Play hide and seek (Yasmin Goldschmidt)

Q = Question its safety (Clarissa Aykroyd)

R = Run — so you stay in the same place while the car moves (John Hodson)

S = Sing, "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round..." (BA Trylski)

T = Take my washing down from its underused line. I can see from my kitchen window it's dry by now (John Holt)

U = Urge passengers to 'mind the very significant gap' (Londonist)

V = Volunteer to be the driver (Richard Semmens)

W = Wander from carriage to carriage selling the Big Issue. (Londonist)

X = eXcise a small hole in the floor, then take a dump on Silvertown as you pass over Silvertown (Londonist)

Y = Yell out, "God it's windy up here!!" (Geoff Marshall)

Z = Zip wire style exit from your cable car (Katie Goates)

Feel free to suggest alternatives in the comments below, or else nominate a London-themed topic for next week’s alphabetical fun.

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