London Food & Drink News: 31 January

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London Food & Drink News: 31 January

This week it's all about the molasses: on Friday 1 February, Soho's Floridita opens the 'Rum Shack' pop-up, hidden away beneath the staircase of its Wardour Street venue. (yes, folks, we now have pop-up bars in existing bars, which brings to mind this fine Onion article from 1998). Anyway, the vibe is Cuban, with Hemingway-inspired cocktails on the menu. Meanwhile, on the very same day "east London's first rum cocktail bar" Portside Parlour opens, in the basement bar beneath Off Broadway on Broadway Market.

First it was east London's cat cafe, now canine fanciers are getting in on the act: plans are afoot to open a sausage dog cafe in Brixton. It's another crowd-funded scheme, hence may never get off the ground, but the plan is to offer a relaxing space for dapper dachshunds, and opportunities to walk the pooches for smitten humans without a pup of their own. You can pledge your donation at indiegogo.

Food-based pun of the week, #1: It's Ghana Be Meze, a Ghanainan-themed pop-up at the Carlton Cafe in Hackney Wick this Saturday. Hosted by Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, the £20 ticket will get you six courses of street food.

Food-based pun of the week, #2: Bomb the Bouillabaisse, the first event of the year from the Disappearing Dining Club. Held at a "secret location", tickets range in price from £10 for just the post-prandial dance, to £55 for the full five course meal plus cocktail and canapes.

From 31 January until 2 February there's a seafood pop-up beneath the arches in Cambridge Heath Road, where buckets of shellfish will be doled out to the Bethnal Green masses. To book call 07815 808735.

New York's wildly acclaimed Balthazar bistro opens a London branch next month, in Covent Garden. While there's still a few weeks before the grand unveiling, the next-door Balthazar Bakery is set to open on Monday 4 February, and will be serving pastries and other breakfast / lunch staples.

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