Flood Alerts Edge Closer To London

By BethPH Last edited 74 months ago
Flood Alerts Edge Closer To London

The watery armageddon which is currently affecting other areas of Britain is edging its way closer to London, according to the Environment Agency's flood alerts.

The capital's residents won't quite need to break out the waders and sandbags just yet, though, as only the Thames at Sunbury currently has an alert. But people living near the Roding at Redbridge, Woodford, East Ham and Barking might want to keep a weather eye on the skies. Londonist readers may also remember that flooding featured in our Top 9 Doomsday Scenarios last year.

The floods have once again raised the question of whether we should be building on flood plains and how much we spend on defences. London's constant squeeze on housing has pushed development into places previously bypassed. Cuts in flood defence spending have also put a government deal with insurers to provide insurance for homes at risk on shaky ground.

Keep up to date with flood warnings on the Environment Agency website.

Photo by ianwyliephoto in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 28 November 2012