Club Watch: Tusk Wax Records @ Hysteria

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Club Watch: Tusk Wax Records @ Hysteria

Thanks to Lindsey Buckingham, a mention of the world "Tusk" evokes images of bed-hopping, extended solos and bacchanalian excess. Fear not though elephants – your days of rock mockery are at an end. Whether or not the figures behind London's Tusk Wax records are big Fleetwood fans or simply enjoy large mammals, they’re doing great things for turning "long in the tooth" into a term of endearment.

You wouldn't be blamed for having slept on Tusk Wax. All their records are highly limited, with rare Tusks ending up on the black market (ahem, Discogs) for crazy money. Info on the artists behind the label is similarly scarce. Luckily the music does the talking, Tusk Waxers like José Manuel and the fast-rising Irish producer Ejeca are gaining plaudits by applying motorik momentum to classic house elements.

Confusingly the sum contribution of tonight’s performers to the Tusk label is just one track and one remix, and as Arsene Wenger knows fielding a team of unknowns can be a risky venture. Fear not though, this is a strong bench. Nottingham duo Coyote head the fine "Is It Balearic?" – a veritable cottage industry for a specific blissed n' baggy house strain. Jamie Blanco has his sights firmly rolled up into his head with his acid house transmissions. And Last Waltz and Scott Fraser from World Unknown will be dropping by too. Fans of the  cult Brixton club should find a familiar mix of fine tunes and friendly vibes here tonight.

Recession Sound System presents Tusk WAX – Coyote, Tusk, Scott Fraser, Last Waltz, Omar Daze & More – Hysteria, E8 4AH, Friday 30th November. For tickets and more information see the event website.

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