Who Drinks Where In London...Mapped

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Who Drinks Where In London...Mapped

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Certain London pubs attract certain types of people. Some of these associations are obvious — bankers frequent the bars round Bank, insurers huddle down the road in the drinking holes near Lloyds, Soho and Fitzrovia's pubs are full of media types.

Some are not so obvious. Where do science fiction fans congregate? Which pub is noted for its congregation of ukelele players? Where are you most likely to find a gathering of London's tallest people, or those with handlebar moustaches?

We asked our Facebook friends for examples, and have plotted the answers on the Google map above. But this is just a starting point...

Please let us know any pubs or bars which attract the following clientele:

  • Special interest groups and meetups
  • Certain types of profession
  • Lots of workers from a particular company or organisation
  • Particular nationalities (we've left Walkabouts off the map because, well...we just can't be arsed with that one)
  • Fans of particular sports teams, or music genres.
  • Any other tribe, group or type who regularly frequent a particular pub.

Either add a comment below, or put your suggestion on our Facebook page, and we'll update the map as we go along. So, who uses your local?

Last Updated 12 October 2012