New Scotland Yard Could Be Sold Off

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 66 months ago
New Scotland Yard Could Be Sold Off

Well. We've already written about potential police station closures but we didn't see this one coming: the Metropolitan Police are thinking about selling off their headquarters at New Scotland Yard to save cash.

Budget cuts mean London's police need to save around £500m by 2015. A meeting this morning between Stephen Greenhalgh, Boris's Deputy Mayor for Policing, and Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey revealed that Richmond, Willesden Green, Highbury Vale, Walthamstow and South Norwood police stations are earmarked for sale as well as the HQ. Boris Johnson has repeatedly promised that where a police station or front counter is closed, an equivalent or better version will be provided.

A number of operations have already gone from New Scotland Yard, which can house 3,000 staff. The plan is to move into a building in Canon Row which can take around 500-800, depending on who you read; even with the slimlining already underway it looks like jobs will be cut. These are all currently proposals and have to go out to public consultation and local politicians.

None of this, however, addresses what we feel to be the real issue. If Scotland Yard is no longer based at Scotland Yard, what do we call it?

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Last Updated 30 October 2012

Marky Lon

Well Scotland Yard was Old Scotland Yard and Great Scotland Yard before it became New Scotland Yard. So maybe the next place will be Newer Scotland Yard.


Surely the name would stay the same, as it was before it moved from it's former location in 1967 - which was only a stone's throw from Canon Row, in Whitehall Place/Great Scotland Yard. Unless you wanted to call it 'NEW New Scotland Yard'.....

Nathan Duckett

They will probably call it "Eco Scotland Yard"

Cutting cutting jobs and saving energy.

Andy Thornley

My preference would be to dispense with the Scotland Yard tag and go with something a bit more, well, current. Such as 'Pleb HQ...'


It's probably to do with this scottish independence thing. they need to find a more PC name


It would be returning to its roots at Great Scotland Yard so could reclaim that name. Being in a more interesting building would dispense with the need for the famiiar revolving sign.

Terry Cee

Given the independence issue and the probability that imperial is not a word one wants associated with Scotland, how about Neo Plebeian Metre.