London For Families, Explored In New Map

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London For Families, Explored In New Map

For those with young whippersnappers in need of half term escapades, a new London map with child-friendly advice would be a good investment. The Adventure Walks London Map sets out the best museums, city farms, sweet shops, ice cream parlours and other diversions to keep your kid (and hopefully you) entertained.

As well as the well-trodden ground of central London, the chart also spreads east to Docklands, Greenwich and the edges of the Olympic Park, with a dozen or so suggested walks across the capital. You'll also find a game of I Spy; '20 Thrilling Things To Do' (example: count the ships from Nelson's Fleet on the Mall lamp posts); and plenty of lists, from the crispiest fish and chips to top 10 views.

The map comes from former Londonist Out Loud guests Becky Jones and Clare Lewis, who've cornered the market in curiosity-led London guides for children. You can get a copy of the map for £4.95 here.

Last Updated 16 October 2012