Comedy Preview: The Ugly Animal Preservation Society

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Comedy Preview: The Ugly Animal Preservation Society

You don't see the naked mole rat in too many wildlife appeals. It's a rare person who hangs a poster of a rutting elephant seal on their wall. But the world's most minging animals deserve a better look-in, even if they're not better looking. Hence the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, who stage an evening of comedy on 21 October with a conservation twist.

Nine comedians will each champion one endangered and unsightly creature. At the end of the evening, the audience will vote for the unloved beastie that best deserves mascot status for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

MC for the evening is Simon Watt  from Channel 4’s Inside Nature’s Giants. His guests include Suzi Ruffell, Helen Arney, Punk Science, Bush and McCluskey, Helen Keen, Steve Cross, Dan Schrieber and Ellie Taylor.

The show takes place at The Vandella in Shepherd's Bush, 21 October, 7pm doors. Tickets are £5, available here. Image of a naked mole rat, in all its hideous glory, by Roman Kementschitz under Creative Commons.

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