Choose Your Own Documentary @ Southbank Centre

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Choose Your Own Documentary @ Southbank Centre

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books...those childhood stories where you decide what happens? Nathan Penlington's found a way to bring the concept to the stage, with a five-night show at Southbank.

Choose Your Own Documentary is described as a "live interactive stand-up documentary". It's based on the true story of how Nathan found somebody's childhood diary and decided to track down the now-adult author. At each stage, the audience can decide, through electronic voting, what Nathan should do. Apparently, this means there are over 1,500 possible plays, so you can confidently sign up to all five evenings and see something different every time.

If it's anything like our experience with Choose Your Own Adventure, he can expect to be over-run by orcs within the first 10 minutes.

Choose Your Own Documentary is at Southbank Centre, 6-10 November. Tickets are £9.75 with booking fee. Image by Colin Ross.

Last Updated 09 October 2012