Alternative Tube Maps: London Restaurants

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 139 months ago

Last Updated 15 October 2012

Alternative Tube Maps: London Restaurants

Food blogger Chris Pople, who runs the excellent Cheese and Biscuits site, has transformed his intimate knowledge of central London's culinary highlights into a Tube map of the city's best restaurants.

The map isn't designed to be comprehensive (it covers little outside Zone 1), nor is it particularly balanced — as Chris notes, while some areas of central London (Soho, say) are overburdened with gastronomic delights, others are bereft... we're looking at you, Warren Street. It's also heavy on highly-rated newcomers, such as Burger & Lobster, Bubbledogs and the Michelin-starred Dabbous.

While Londoners might swiftly be out of pocket if they rely too much on this map for their meal choices, we think it should be handed out to lost-looking tourists in Leicester Square, in the hope that they'll pick somewhere other than Aberdeen Angus for their dinner.

Incidentally, Chris has written about a great many of the places listed on the map on his blog, a must-read for anyone interested in London's food scene.

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