Where's Wally Lights Up The London Eye

By Zoe Craig Last edited 76 months ago
Where's Wally Lights Up The London Eye

It's not every 25 year old gets a special light show on the London Eye AND on the big screens at Piccadilly Circus to honour their big day.

But then most people can celebrate their quarter century with some chic new clothes, so perhaps we shouldn't feel too jealous.

The bobble-hatted stripey star has been entertaining kids since 1987, across 38 different countries and in 30 different languages. (Although we rather thought the point was that Where's Wally was a wordless creation...) But we're rather taken with the news that his memorable moniker changes as he crosses borders. So that's Wali you'll be looking for in Wales; Charlie in France, Waldo in the US, Valda in the Czech Republic, Vallu in Finland, Holger in Denmark, Valli in Iceland, Walter in Germany, Hugo in Sweden and Willy in Norway.

Keeping track of all those different passports must be a nightmare. Wish him Happy Birthday at facebook.com/whereswally or wear stripes in celebration, and share your pics on twitter using #showyourstripes.

Last Updated 21 September 2012