Preview: African And African-Caribbean Diaspora Design Festival

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Preview: African And African-Caribbean Diaspora Design Festival

The African and African-Caribbean Diaspora Design Festival (AACDD) is in its third year and goes from strength to strength. Formulating part of the London Design Festival it touches on the complexities of the African and Caribbean communities whose heritage might be in Africa or the Caribbean but whose homes are not.

Organised by the London-based British European Design Group, the AACDD theme this year of ‘Untold Gold’ showcases the work of 150 artists and designers from the UK, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean within the unique backdrop and raw space of Bargehouse, London.

Here are a few artists to look out for in this five storey abyss:

  • Jacqueline Kibacha, an artist and jewellery designer, her pieces are bold and refreshing wearable pieces of art that speak of the motherland.
  • Tony Ford’s work references the politics of the American civil rights movement bringing you face to face with familiar activists.
  • Jebiba Wolfe-Okongwu's banana sculptures explore the idea behind the cliché of the African ‘exotic identity’. His sculptures and collages are created from banana boxes shipped from West Africa, the Caribbean and South America and are quiet representations of the barbaric passage of slaves during colonialism.
  • Jade Folawiyo, a former artist in residence at the Design museum, takes up the fifth floor with a light installation. Using home-friendly products to design and colour copper plates into wonderful light shades, her light installation provides a serene end to the experience.

The AACDD Festival runs until 30 September at the Bargehouse, OXO tower wharf. More information on the event and artist can be found here.

By Femi Fagunwa

Last Updated 24 September 2012