Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt Ticket Alert: Apocalypse How?

By Lindsey Last edited 78 months ago
Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt Ticket Alert: Apocalypse How?

Our fiendishly fabulous friends at A Door In A Wall are back with a brand new real world adventure for you.

We've participated in previous games and got totally carried away, throwing ourselves into role-playing situations, sweating over cunning clues, scrambling across London to visit as many locations as possible and marvelling at the many clever conundrums carefully constructed by the ADIAW crew. Sometimes we got bits of it right, sometimes we howled with frustration, sometimes we almost won. Mostly we had a fantastic time.

ADIAW started as an amusement for a bunch of friends. After a string of superbly successful games and treasure hunts, they've finally gone proper and set up as a commercial venture. This means ticket prices are a little higher, but the quality of the experience — a result of tremendously meticulous planning, creativity and pun generation — makes this great value for money. So, here's the trailer for the forthcoming event:

20 years ago, Arthur Geddon crawled half-dead from the jungle; a miraculous survivor of a lost expedition. He clutched in his hands a series of stone tablets that he claimed described the end of the world. Now, with the day of reckoning fast approaching, Arthur is found dead. You, his faithful disciples in the Church of the Golden Pyramid, must discover who among your brothers and sisters has killed the beloved leader!

The initial batch of tickets sold out in an hour. More tickets will be released on Friday. There will be extra tickets for the initial two weekends 20, 21, 27 and 28 October. In addition, they've added new dates: 10 & 11 November. Visit or the Facebook page for the booking link.

Last Updated 13 September 2012