Bob Dylan Pop-Up Shop Opens In Soho

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 76 months ago
Bob Dylan Pop-Up Shop Opens In Soho

Robert Allen Zimmerman's 35th studio album, Tempest, is released today. Musos have mostly hailed it as a return to form, though some Dylan acolytes have blotted their critical copybook by  suggesting it's on the same level as Blood on the Tracks or Blonde on Blonde (Alexis Petridis helpfully tears down this tendency toward hero worship in the Guardian).

Anyway, to mark the album's release, three pop-up shops are opening: one in LA, one in New York, and a third in London, at 47 Beak Street in Soho. What might the freewheelin' Dylan obsessive find inside? Well, there's the new album, alongside "other Bob Dylan albums and exclusive merchandise, including a limited quantity of CDs hand-signed by Bob Dylan". Unfortunately the man himself is unlikely to be spotted hanging around glad-handing the fans.

The shop opens at 4pm today and will remain until 16 September (opening hours from Tues-Sun are 11pm-9pm). For a taste of Dylan's new material, watch the video for Duquesne Whistle.

Last Updated 10 September 2012