Festival Preview: 1234 Shoreditch

Dave Newbury
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Festival Preview: 1234 Shoreditch

Drop out venus review

London’s summer of outdoor festivals draws to a close with 1234 Shoreditch’s glistening array of buzz bands, legends, and strange ‘art’ groups you’ve never heard of.

Taking place later in the year than its usual prime time summer slot has given the festival more potency with the slight chill of September’s air slowly shepherding the hipsters back indoors.

The line-up is exquisite. Not only is it showcasing the best in London’s underground talent with Drop Out Venus, but its reach is truly global with LA’s Deap Vally and Argentina’s Los Cripis.

We have selected the cream of the line up to guide you through a Saturday afternoon in Shoreditch Park.

Essential London acts

Drop Out Venus
London’s best live band; there we said it. No one comes close to equalling this Deptford trio’s mesmerising stage presence and hypnotic euphoria. If you only see one band, make it this.

Antlered Man
Proto-metal straight outta Bermondsey. This four piece meld the political ferocity of System of a Down with the wry slacker attitude of Future of the Left.

Dance fuelled indie with pop sensibilities. These Londoners manage to balance the crossover appeal of Friendly Fire with art-house intrigue.

What more can we say? The Buzziest buzz band in the world played the 1234 Launch Party and captivated the gathered hacks and liggers, and they’ve kept getting better.

Bo Ningen
Four essential non-Londoners to see. Our favourite kraut gazers are mainstays on the London scene but their Fugazi goes Neu attack remains spellbinding.

Unmistakably hallucinatory electro.  The Croydon producers' boggling beats and effects juxtapose post-punk’s nihilism with rave’s one love togetherness, creating an unparalleled aural experience.

Four essential non-Londoners to see

Los Cripis
How many Argentinian bands can you name? Thought so. Well add this trio who take blissful lo-fi to a new plateau with serene vocals and jarring guitars.
Fondue de Jesus by Los Cripis

Deap Vally
LA liquor rock n roll with catchy riffs. Lindsey Troy and Lucy Edwards sweat raw attitude infused with pounding drums and snakebite guitars.

Dead Wolf Club
Schizophrenic agit-indie with nihilistic edginess. There is a masterful repetition to this Cornish quartet which encompasses Idlewild’s ideology and sonic idealism.

Minny Pops
Legendary Factory Records artists just for you.  The Dutch Electro pioneers are back after 30 years with their synths and simplistic loops more menacing than ever.

1234 Shoreditch takes place on 1 September at Shoreditch Park. Tickets £20+ bf.

Last Updated 31 August 2012