Take A Bus Tour Of London's Mystic Sites...In A Pub

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Take A Bus Tour Of London's Mystic Sites...In A Pub

If the bouncy version of Stonehenge leaves you wanting more faux-Druidic diversions, how about taking a magical mystery bus tour of London's sacred spots, with the opportunity to sing along, distract the driver and act up at the back? Thing is, it's not actually in a bus. It's in the upstairs room of the Milfords pub on 18 July. You'll have to use your imagination, but at least there'll be a bar, and better toilet facilities.

The event is organised by Atlantis Books and tour guide Chris Roberts. Expect London-focused folk tales, pagan practise and wiccan motoring that travels underground, overground and through time to give you an overview of mysical London. It's an over-used word, but "bonkers" is the only one that applies.

London Magical Mystery Tour is at Milfords, Milford Lane, Temple, Wednesday 18 July from 7.30pm. Entrance is £5, payable on the door. There is no website, but you can scan the song sheet here.

Last Updated 17 July 2012