M4 Closed After Cracks Appear

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M4 Closed After Cracks Appear

The M4 has been closed between junctions one and three after cracks were discovered in a viaduct. It is expected to remain closed until Thursday.

With fears over how London will cope during the Olympics hitting the news on a near-daily basis, a forced closure of one of the main routes into London from Heathrow must be near the top of LOCOG's worst case scenario list.

The M4 closure is the latest in west London's road woes — the Hammersmith flyover was partially closed in December, only fully re-opening five months later (for the reasons why, read this excellent technical explanation).

The Highways Agency has said it expects all work to be finished before the start of the Games. A diversion is in place on the adjacent A312 and the A4, though drivers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys.

Photo by Phil4 in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 08 July 2012

Sarah Taylor

Just to point out that Hammersmith Flyover wasn't closed, it was reduced to one lane, with a short diversion around Hammersmith Broadway as the alternative. Result was mild inconvenience: 20 minutes or so added to a journey. This time the M4 is completely closed for quite a long stretch, causing traffic bedlam, surely? We shall see over the next few days. 

Sarah Taylor

Oh, no, Beth, not at all. It's reported the same way on the BBC as well. I keep wondering if I've missed something.


The Hammersmith flyover *was* closed completely for ages actually.one lane then reopened towards the end of the work. As for 20 min delays that was at best it was. During rush hour more like 45 mins.

Terry Callaghan

'Fraid Si is right and the increased congestion on all roads in and out was considerable.

Terry C

I'll correct my previous statement. The flyover was closed completely in December, re-opened partially in January and then was closed and re-opened periodically for various bits of work but, essentially, if you were coming into London, you avoided the flyover. It was a disaster as far as traffic was concerned. Hammersmith Broadway is a catfight at the best of times, with the added traffic from the flyover .... grim. Twenty minutes? Hmmm? And that's just part of your journey.