How Was Your Commute? The First Full Working Day Of Olympics

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How Was Your Commute? The First Full Working Day Of Olympics

Today marks the first full working day (for most people) since the Opening Ceremony. Transport for London's heat map of busy stations looks like the advanced stages of a game of Battleships, with far more "exceptionally busy" red stations than previous days. Interchanges on the Northern and Central Lines are particularly stressed, and TfL are warning commuters to avoid London Bridge as an estimated 50,000 people head off to Greenwich for the equestrian events.

So far, transport services appear to have coped remarkably well. Indeed, over the weekend, getting around town was easier then normal thanks to a lack of engineering works. As of 9am Monday morning, the Tube status page shows all lines running well.

But what's the reality on the ground (or underground)? How was your commute into work this morning? Did you notice any extra crowding or delays? And what's the situation on the roads and rails? Let us know in the comments below.

Last Updated 30 July 2012


Central Line from west London to Liverpool Street. I had a seat for half the journey.

Felt emptier than usual!!


Some comments from Twitter:

"My bus driver seemed to be going for gold, weaving in and out of lanes, missing stops. 10 minutes early." @davidsim 

"Started to walk to work but with all the buses whizzing past me in no traffic, decided to hop on one & got to work 20mins early!" @stephenplynch 

"everybody in the office said it's not too busy at all. did they exaggerate maybe?" @interchris 

"Effortless. Let's hope improved transport is also a legacy of the brilliant #olymics2012 ." @nikolafoster 

"smoothest commute ever, and it wasnt swelteringly hot on the N Line." @purple_jaym 


Changed from DLR to Northern at Bank at 830am, no queues, emptier than usual. The approach of scaring comuters off seems to have worked. Mostly people on their first journey on the underground I suppose, including people standing in the middle of the escalator, getting on while people are getting off or simply standing in front of the opening doors expecting the departing passengers to, somehow, jump over them...


Got a seat on the jubilee line from canary wharf to London bridge, London bridge rail station was basically deserted except for the 50 "helpers" blocking off the tube-to-train exchange tunnel and sensor you on a 10min hike around the station building!


Southern train from Wallington to Clapham was slightly less busy than usual.

Will be going home via Victoria tonight which could be more interesting!


bakerstreet 8am, empty


Sat in a luggage rack from Abbey Wood to Cannon Street 6.35 or so, no seats despite being earlier than usual when there are seats. Tube from Bank at 7am was marginally emptier than it usually is at 7.30ish.


Stratford at 7am ish was unusually quiet outside, no preachers, no watchtower magazine... The whole weekend hasn't seemed overly bad at all there.. 
Baker Street at 8am was also nice and quiet, but I'll agree with people getting in the way though... 


Overground, Brockley to Hoxton was pretty much normal, even Canada Water was fine.

N Anderson



Very quiet on the Northern Line.


Relatively quiet bus from Crouch End and then me & Mrs both got seats together on the Victoria Line from Finsbury Park @ c. 8.45. This is definitely not normal. Were a few people heading off to the games, but school holidays seem to have more than cancelled this out.


Busier than usual on Tavistock Place. A few more cyclists and cars, and definitely more huge Olympic busses.

Rebecca Pate

Emptier than usual and managed a seat on both the Jubilee line from Finchley Road to Bond Street, then on the Central line from Bond Street to Bank...

I didn't expect the morning commute to ever be the problem, however, so I might reconsider my route on the way home (and brought my running kit in case running home will be the only sensible way back!).

Luke Robinson

I think this may be the calm before the storm, though. As Rebecca said, the evening commute may be the bigger problem. Also, the Athletics have not started yet so that will put a lot more pressure on Stratford and the other stations around the Park, especially at the end of the evening sessions when everyone leaves the events en masse. Finally, in a bit of irony I think that there is a good chance that a lot of the commuters who were "scared away" from travelling today might see all these reports of a trouble-free commute and decide to travel on consecutive days. 

Amelia B

Kings Cross Mainline @ 08:35 was slightly busier than normal but the Underground (Vic Line) was quieter than usual. Hardly any commuters there at all and trains running at less than a minute apart. Green Park Jubilee Line, pretty much the same. Not sure if the rest of the week will be the same. So far so good but agree with Luke above - those that stayed away today may decide to travel their normal routes after hearing there were no delays this morning!


No problem on the roads that I used (A12 into Bishopsgate, Great Eastern Street, City Road). The traffic was lighter than normal but as we were on a motorbike it wouldn't have been a problem anyway.

tim keen

Easiest commute I've ever had - cycled in through Angel/Hoxton/Strand - far less traffic than normal which made the journey surprisingly pleasant and fast


As above - easiest commute ever and was in the office ridiculously early! 

Mark Baynes

Wapping to Euston Square via Limehouse at 7.15 am slightly quieter than normal, return journey at 16.15 about the same. As others have commented, think people will start creeping back during the week.

Pete Stean

The Jubilee Line towards Stratford was rammed in the mid-afternoon. Normally trains are empty on weekdays outside of peak times


Very quiet, and very normal in Bow. No sign of Olympic anything. Then I went to Islington on a Boris bike on quiet roads and came home on normal tubes.


The District Line, yesterday and today, seemed busy as normal without any major disruptions Eastbound or Westbound.

Although, on my way home last night and while crossing the road to the station this morning, I did notice that the Olympic road lanes are not being used very effectively, with many cars and cabbies speeding past their Olympic-lane-respecting fellow drivers.