App Review: London - A City Through Time

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App Review: London - A City Through Time

£10 for an app? You'd want some serious bells and whistles for that price. Fortunately, London: A City Through Time delivers with the very first bullet point:

  • Read the complete text of the London Encyclopedia, the 1000-page monster source book we nominated as our favourite non-fiction book about London ever. Even on Amazon, this will set you back almost £20, so the app is a significant saving. But then the app surpasses even this masterwork...
  • 2,000 rare prints, works of art and photos: everything from Uxbridge in 13,000 BC (note: not a photo) to a panorama from the top of the Shard.
  • 35 documentaries from the Pathé archive.
  • 71 zoomable panoramas of the capital at various points in history. These are gyro-controlled and swivel around the viewpoint as you turn on the spot. Remarkable.
  • 20 'spinnable' artefacts from the Museum of London, allowing you to get closer than in the museum itself.
  • Audio tours from Blue Badge guides.
  • A 'my London' section in which famous Londoners reveal their favourite parts of town.

It even has its own trailer:

This swollen warehouse of Londonalia is tied together via a timeline, or can be sifted on a map interface. After a few minutes play, you begin to feel that the £10 outlay is a genuine bargain. If there is any flaw (and not everyone will see it as such), it's that the text can feel a little sober next to the flashy imagery. The source material was written for a traditional reference book, and much of it in a different age, before most people had a home computer, let alone a touch-screen tablet. The multimedia wants to tell a story, while the text is fact quickly heaped upon fact. You might find this clash of styles charming, or you might find it a bit awkward.

Unless someone manages to integrate a flux capacitor into a tablet computer, London: A City Through Time is the final word in historical London apps. Watch out for the download size, though. At a stonking 1GB, you might need to free up some space. It's worth every penny and megabyte.

London: A City Through Time is out now for iPad, price £9.99. It's a collaboration between Pan Macmillan, Heuristic Media and the Museum of London.

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Last Updated 10 July 2012