Alternative Tube Maps: Biblical Underground

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Last Updated 03 July 2012

Alternative Tube Maps: Biblical Underground

Another day, another Tube map with all the station names replaced. A fair bit of humour and thought has gone into this effort by James Eaglesfield, however. It's full of groansome puns and obscure wordplay, drawing on Bible references. Visit Marble Archangel, Bayswater to Wine, Abrahamstead, Canaanbury and, most painfully, Thy-shall-not-covet-thy-neighbour's-Ox-ford Street.

Here's James' explanation.

Inspired by being a volunteer on York Mystery Plays 2012, I wanted to do something to celebrate what a wonderful year 2012 is for York — and also connect it to London. So I came up with the idea of doing a new version of the iconic tube map — changing the station names so they have biblical connections. Here is the fruit of my labours — a mix of connections that will make you groan, others that will have you searching Google and others that will just beg the question "why?". The results are a mixture of biblical places, people and obscure references. No offence is meant — it is just a bit of fun. I acknowledge that I may have mixed up various versions of the bible.

The full map can be found as a PDF here. We should note that the map is not affiliated with Transport for London in any way.

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