Velodrawings: Art From Cycle Skid Marks

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Velodrawings: Art From Cycle Skid Marks

The picture more or less says it all. Austrian artist Christian Grillitsch has taken every schoolkid's showoff moment and turned it into art. His velodrawings are composed of cycle skid marks, made by skillfully applying the brakes (a procedure that will puzzle the local fixed-gear devotees). Here comes the arty bit:

The final result, with the depths of texture and the detailed precision of the marks, opens a space where the gestural
process is at once controlled and accidental, dynamic and quietly organic – and where the artist relinquishes some of his control to embrace the almost cognitive input of his collaborator, the bicycle.

Christian's skiddingtons can be found at Tony's Gallery on Sclater Street, from 15 June to 15 July. Turn up to the preview on 14 June (7.30pm), and you can watch him artfully introduce some rubber to the car park opposite the gallery.

Last Updated 12 June 2012