FoodCycle Opens Pop-Up Restaurant Of Unwanted Food

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FoodCycle Opens Pop-Up Restaurant Of Unwanted Food

Ever wondered how much fruit, veg and meat gets wasted in London every day? Shitloads, that's how much. Absolute, throbbing shitloads, if we're being precise. FoodCycle is a charity that takes unwanted consumables and turns them into meals for those in need. And now it's going to open a pop-up restaurant to show us all what can be done with a bit of imagination and a malformed parsnip (giggity).

Working with chef Tom Hunt, the charity will ensconce itself in the wonderful Fleet River Bakery, misleadingly located near Holborn Tube. The cafe was home to FoodCycle's first ever cooking session back in 2009. Diners this time round will get to enjoy a three-course meal hewn from "wonky vegetables, blemished fruits, wild ingredients, and unwanted cuts of meat and fish".

The so-called Forgotten Feast will be at the cafe from 21-24 June, after 7.30pm each night. Earlybird tickets are now on sale for £30, with proceeds feeding back into the charity to help with its good work. Book your spot here.

Fleet River Bakery, 71 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A.

Last Updated 01 June 2012