London Blend: Fleet River Bakery

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London Blend: Fleet River Bakery

In dire need of caffeine, a break, or simply an excuse to procrastinate? Londonist is here to guide you to some of our favourite coffee shops in London.

Tucked away in a corner between Holborn station and Lincoln’s Inn Fields hides Fleet River Bakery, an absolute delight compared to the multitude of Starbucks, Neros, Costas, and Pret-a-Mangers near by. Fleet River serves Monmouth Coffee as well as donuts, cakes, banana, bread, scones, slices of watermelon, and the list goes on. Prices are a bit more reasonable than what’s offered at standard chains. Buy an Americano for £1.80 or a mocha for £2.00. For your non coffee drinking colleagues, the bakery also serves wine, Jones Soda, and fresh juice. Large tables and lots of natural light make it a great place to study, chat or get some writing done. Although we initially felt a bit hesitant to share this secret gem, we hope to see you there soon.

Fleet River Bakery, 71 Lincoln’s Inn Fields WC2 A 3

Words and photography by Caroline Dickie

Last Updated 08 June 2009