Comedy Preview: Do The Right Thing @ The Phoenix

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 83 months ago
Comedy Preview: Do The Right Thing @ The Phoenix

In our recent guide to watching live comedy in London we mentioned the wide variety you can see in this fair city – including podcast recordings. The great thing about podcasts is you can listen beforehand and get a feel for whether it's your kind of night out. Much better than relying on somebody else's opinion.

That said: here's our opinion of Do The Right Thing, which took a Bronze at the last Sony Awards (this is impressive). It's a panel show format hosted by Danielle Ward with teams captains Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, two guest team members and a guest expert. Dilemmas are put to the teams and they have to work out what the right thing to do would be. Or the funniest thing. Probably the funniest thing.

At May's show, Jenny Eclair and John Finnemore were the guests for one recording during the first half, with Robin Ince, Josie Long and guest expert Jon Ronson recording another podcast in the second. There's lots of banter and riffing off each other – a bit like if you and your mates went to the pub and played a parlour game, but only if you and your mates were super smart and funny.

The next two shows are recorded this Tuesday, with guests Angelos Epithemiou, Katy Brand, John-Luke Roberts and Dan Schreiber, plus experts Alice Arnold and Emmy the Great Emmy's had to pull out, but Jim Bob (ex of Carter USM) will take her place. It all happens in the lovely downstairs space at the Phoenix pub off Oxford Street. Each podcast takes about an hour so that's plenty of value for your £6 / £4 entry, with far less of the annoying faff and re-takes that blight TV and radio recordings.

Do The Right Thing next show is Tuesday 26 June, 7.30pm, at the Phoenix, Cavendish Square. Tickets £6 / £4 NUS. You can listen to previous episodes online or download from iTunes. Photo by Wes Stankiewicz.

Last Updated 20 June 2012