Club Watch: The Juan Maclean, Shit Robot, Factory Floor @ The Nest

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Club Watch: The Juan Maclean, Shit Robot, Factory Floor @ The Nest

Three names from the ever brilliant DFA records stable makes tonight's event at The Nest a shoo-in for our pick this week. If this night was in the running for an Oscar it would be a period drama with Daniel Day Lewis. If it was an aspiring politian it would have smoked behind the bikesheds with David Cameron at Eton. We'll leave it here and see you there.

The Juan Maclean has been part of DFA for a while, and now that LCD Soundsystem has been put out to pasture, is the label's premier proponent of its post-punk informed, blissful disco sound. Juan is a commited advocate of the mental and physical benefits of exposure to house music — read his track "Happy House" as a party political broadcast. With tonight's set following on from Victoria Park's LoveBox, if he doesn't play a set full of rare soul cuts, infectious house jams and euphoric slices of disco you're probably entitled to your money back.

Shit Robot is the terrible alias of Irishman Marcus Lambkin — luckily his music is a whole lot better. His 2010 album "From the cradle to the rave" was a nostalgic overview of dance music's past glories, little wonder it found a home on DFA's rose tinted roster. His new single "Space Race" shows the veteran producer doing what androids do best, gazing at the stars with a vintage italo sound.

Usually hearing about a new post-punk band from London makes us want to shove our head in the oven. Factory Floor, with their name referencing Tony Wilson's famed Manchester imprint, sound like a recipe for too many snakebites at a bad indie disco. Luckily they're cut from a different cloth, with an unsettling industrial vibe that brings to mind Glenn Branca more than Bloc Party. A recent collaborative record with Throbbing Gristle's Chris and Cosey suggests the baton for distorted dance music is being passed on. Tonight is billed as a "live dance workshop set" — expect a loose, rythmic take on their analogue sound.

The Juan Maclean, Shit Robot + Factory Floor (Live Dance Workshop Set) at The Nest, N16 7XJ, Friday 15th June. Tickets are available here.

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Last Updated 15 June 2012