Banksy-Style Queen And Soldier On New Oxford Street

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Banksy-Style Queen And Soldier On New Oxford Street

This pair of patriotic posers recently appeared on the corner of New Oxford Street and Museum Street. As far as we can see, the work hasn't been tagged by the artist, and we can't find any other pictures of the piece online. The temptation is to declare it a Banksy, but it seems too colourful and less satirical than his usual work. That said, some of his oft-used elements are present, such as the smiley face badge the queen wears, and the paint-daubed brush. A bit more hunting, and we suspect this is by Banksy associate Mr Brainwash.

If anyone knows more about the work, please leave a comment below.

In other not-Banksy news, photographer Nick Stern has recreated some of the street artist's most famous pieces as photographs. HuffPo has more.

With thanks to Richard P Grant for the photos.

Last Updated 07 June 2012